Finish What You Started

I know my readers my ask, Chuck where have you been? Or why haven't we heard from you as much as we used to? Since the death of my son, its really been hard to get motivated about helping others with their relationships, marriages and my desire to write just simply went away. I just took more time than I thought to gather my feelings or thoughts and find myself again. It wasn't easy, when you loose someone who meant so much to you, its hard finding your way, but with the grace of God I have become stronger, smarter and wiser because of my experiences. Sometimes the worse things in life, can help you become a better person. In my case its made me appreciate life a little more(I lied a lot more) and to also see life as its truly presented to each of us. In other words what ever moment or situation you may face take care of it and finish it before you move on into the next phase of your life. As my mother would so elegantly put it always Finish What You Started and never leave anything half done. Even though sometimes life can get in the way and get you out of your normal routine. When that happens you have to find yourself and try your best to get back to normal , if possible. Which brings me to the tittle of today's blog," Finish What You Started". A Young lady wrote me a little while back , I didn't  respond to her or gave her the answers she was looking far. I guess now I have to do what it do and" Finish What I Started".

Hey Chuck,
How have you been doing? I miss reading your blogs, but I understand after the death of your son that you would be reluctant to write again. But I am hoping my letter will inspire you to write , help those who need it(like myself) and help get me back on the road of dating. I lost my late husband of 22 years, but soon after that I started dating someone new. I know you would say that I should have given myself sometime before getting involved but I did it, now I am here, I know I that I am wrong to look for someone else while I am still involved but I am unhappy and I need your advice. I have a man that is cheating on me right in my face.
Right this is the thing after loosing someone of 22 years through death. I will be honest it hard to feel loved again by someone else. People today is all about games and I hate a cheater. But when I leave the guy I am with, I began to feel lonely and lost. I know I don't need a man to live. I just cant cope without one. I never believed in dating, chasing and flirting at the same time. Just the things I go through with him I don't feel like it 100. Because he is hardly ever here always out with the boy's and he feel it alright or cool, to sleep by his baby mom's house when she want him to. I"m sorry I get emotional, because it hurts and don't mean to bare my problems on you. Just need someone to talk to, know what I mean? Please help Chuck, I have no where else to turn and your advice is always on point .

Hi Demetrus,
Sorry for the delay, I am sorry for the loss of your husband and I do understand loosing someone you love. When my son was murdered,I lost a very important part of me, so I really understand how it feels to loose someone close to you. Don't beat yourself up with your bad decisions, we all make them and its hard finding your footing again when a person you love suddenly leaves or dies. Yes you should wait until you have left your boyfriend and shouldn't really be looking, on the outside of your relationship until its finished, but I do understand why you are doing what you are doing. But if you don't get out of it first it will only lead you to more headaches and pain. As my mother would say, finish one thing before you start another or the job will never be complete until its done. The same goes for a relationship, get out of it so that you could start something new, clean and without strings. Good luck to you Demetrus and remember always Finish What You Started.


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