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I Don't Know You !

Do  you know why most experienced, older men or women really hate Internet dating, blind dates or meeting someone new? Because most of the time the person, you meet always has an hidden agenda. Most are always up to something, enjoy or love playing silly childish games and always start off telling those same dumb, stupid or silly lies.What's crazy is that most of them don't seem to realize is that the person they are dealing with happens to be older, experienced, heard it all before and isn't for the games. But as always they try anyway and will as my late grandmother would say, try to get something for nothing. What's crazy is when you meet someone for the very first time they start off their conversations by making promises that they can't possibly keep or they tell you things about themselves that simply aren't a fact or true. It reminds my of a conversation I had while on a date about nine years ago, when a woman had the nerve to tell me that all I had to…

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