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Behind The Mask

2020 has been one crazy year, worldwide people are required or asked to wear a mask and the pandemic called covid19 is the biggest media story in every country. During these times, is when you find out a lot about yourself,your family, friends, co-workers, goverment and also alot about your employer. This is the year where loyalties will be tested, where love can be found or lost and the whole truth about the person you are involved with will be revealed. This is the year some deep dark secretes about your family members will be exposed and where some family bonds are broken or made whole again. Even though worldwide it's required that all should wear a mask, 2020 is the year we all will find out who is really that person or person's" Behind The Mask" .The question is can you date, find true love or trust the person Behind The Mask? Happy Holidays, Chuck

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