Four Leaf Clover

If you happen to be reading this let me ask you this question, how much of your childhood do you truly remember? Do you remember playing outside with family or friends and  do you also remember how simple life really was?Playing outside with family or friends until the sun came down and enjoying life without a care in the world. As a child your only thoughts were what am I going to eat, how long can I stay in bed before my parents wake me up and if I am good will my parents buy me that special item that I been dreaming about. Being a child was easy, but growing up to be an adult with all these expectations and responsibilities makes almost any of us Adults, wishing we could go back to being a child again. Waking up everyday without a worry in the world, because we knew that our parents would take care of us and even if that failed or didn't pan out at least we could dream. My favorite thing to do was to go into the yard, then find a place in the yard where they had lots of green clovers and search for that elusive Four Leaf Clover. Why a Flour Leaf Clover? Well its been known, to give whatever person, that finds it good luck or fortune and every time I found one it always made my day.Why? Because it gave me confidence that no matter what happen in my life, good luck would always come or follow as long as I had my "Four Leaf Clover".

 As an adult I have began to realize, that luck is something you have to earn, make or find for yourself and if you really want something in life you have to go after it. Sometimes being smart, learning from ones mistake trumps luck, because if you work hard enough then anything is possible. Because it doesn't matter how much you wish or want for something and even if you have something as special as a good luck charm or a Flour Leaf Clover, it doesn't guarantee that everything will go your way. That's especially true when you are looking or searching for true love. As the old saying says," Good men or women are hard to find". Its doesn't matter how lucky or blessed you are, finding someone special to love is almost like searching for that Four Leaf Clover. If you happen to be lucky or blessed enough, than you better hold onto them with all your might. Because having a good man or woman in your life is like having a good or lucky charm, your personal Four Leaf Clover. Write in then give your thoughts on the subject.


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