Fine Wine

Its been said, "That somethings or most things that age always gets better with time". Its makes one wonder can the same logic, be applied when it comes to a friendship, marriage or even a relationship? Can two people who really love and care about each other actually make their relationships, friendships or marriages better? As my mother would say practice always makes perfect, with that thought in mind, I always wondered to myself. That if two people with the same purpose in life would spend more time loving and getting to know each other a little better, instead of combating or going to war with the other, how wonderful their love life would be? I have encountered or met too many couples who are always at odds with each other, what makes me wonder why the two of them ever decided to be come a couple or even have the thought of becoming one? It would make more common sense to work things out and do whatever possible to make the one you love happy, instead of trying to out smart are disagree with the one you truly love. Wouldn't you think ,that if the same amount of energy were applied to loving their man or woman, instead of fussing and fighting, that their love and also life together will get better as the years go by just like Fine Wine? The best wine's are always aged, go through a couple of things, then are tested, been through battles and time until they are certified Fine Wine.  Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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