Even If It Rains

If you lived long enough then you have had enough good or bad times and ups or downs that some may say last a life time. Every-times one crisis comes then there is another that could make the other seem small, but if you really took time to yourself and thought about every-thing you been through then you would realize that each death, storm or crisis prepares you for the next. If my late Grandmother were here she would say," Life must go on through the good or bad and just because something bad has happen doesn't mean life will just stop. While the rest of the world is in a panic, going crazy, gossiping, complaining, fussing or fighting, you do the opposite, pray and then keep on going," Even if It Rains".

I know to some of you, that may seem hard, but through out my life I have had to make many adjustments. With the death of my youngest son, grandmothers and grandfathers on both sides of family who have passed away. Experienced job layoffs, moving from one city or state to the next and also survived many storms and Hurricanes. Through it all I had to get out there and take my late Grandmother's advice, to keep moving or grinding, letting nothing get in the way of me making my paper or money. Had my heart broken a dozen times by lots of women( even though I broke a few myself. Lol I am just saying), also been through one hell of a divorce. Hell, even that didn't stop me from dating, searching, seeking or from looking for love and it shouldn't stop you either. Why? Because no matter what life doesn't stop going and the world will keep on moving, " Even if It Rains". Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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