There is an old saying good men or women are hard to find, but finding true love is even harder. Whats funny to me about that statement is that many of us would pack a Suitcase in a minute or even a second for a good job, a dream vacation or simply just to change our scenery , but wouldn't do the same for love. Its amazing what we would be willing to save, sacrifice or give up just to move some where we are completely unfamiliar, but when it comes to finding and being with someone who would love us, most wouldn't give up a thing. The question is why ? Why would we put material things or dream destinations over someone we could love, want desire or true love, when in fact real love last forever? Finding that special someone that would love us happens to be more valuable than Gold or precious than Diamond rings and there is no amount of money that can buy Love.  Love is man or woman's biggest obsession, but few are really interested finding it and most won't even pack a Suitcase if that's what it took to get it. My question for you or whoever happens to read this, "What are you willing to give up to find your soulmate , the man or woman of your dreams?" Would you pack a Suitcase if that's what it takes to be with the man or woman, who would love you unconditionally, forever or for the rest of your life? After all its just a Suitcase that you could simply pack or unpack just in case it works out and for even if it doesn't. All you have to do is pack your Suitcase! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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