Afraid to Go Home?

When I was younger, I always was told by my father, "That a mans house should be his castle, a place where he can relax, then kick his feet up or chill". But what I am finding out in today's time that there are many men or women that are afraid to or don't want too go home  Why? Well because of what's waiting for them when they get home. I was explained this fact by a co-worker of mine, who explained to me that he rather work seven days a week, than to go home. When I asked him why, then he told me that the woman he married wasn't the woman he thought he was marrying and he didn't want to go home because his wife was crazy. He words exactly," Man I hate going home to drama and the stress! All my wife likes to do is argue or complain. When I get home all she does is complain about what I am not doing,(Instead of appreciating what I am doing) then she complains about what others are doing to her. Its always something with her and she doesn't seem to understand that , when I get off from work , I don't really need to hear that when I get home. He went on to say ,"Chuck I give her everything and she appreciates nothing". My house is in shambles and doesn't feel like a home , so I rather  work! All I see sometimes when I get home is chairs, tables and a woman who doesn't appreciate a thing! All I could say at that point was ,"Wow"! And I can understand why he doesn't want to go home. What man or woman wants to go home and experience that? It's enough that we all have to deal with our own share of stress in the outside world, so why would one want to have that same experience at home?

After hearing this from my co-worker, it really made me think back to my own past, when I was married and I can really understand how he felt. I remember being married to a woman that really didn't appreciate me as a man. To give you a very brief true story, I married a woman who really wasn't used to a man , that's a real provider and to one that was true to his word. A lot of men in the world may clam to be real providers, but my parents raised me in a way, that if I married or became committed to a woman, that I would make sure I always  took care of home. When I grew up I had a great example from( my father) on how to be a man. But what my father couldn't prepare me for(because he didn't have one) was dealing with an ungrateful woman. My ex-wife allowed her girlfriends to get in our business and that destroyed our marriage. She thought telling her girlfriends how good I was to her and her son was a good thing, when in fact it wasn't.  Question, women do you really believe that your girlfriends would be happy for you , when they aren't happy? As my mother would put it misery loves company and a woman who doesn't have a good man or husband at home will not be happy even if her girlfriend happens to be blessed with one. Sad as this may sound, there are many jealous or envious women in the world and there are not many who will be happy for their girlfriends happiness.

But back to my co-worker, you know the one that's afraid to go home? Well even today he still feels that way! I always was taught , that a mans home should be his castle , a place where he can relax and get away from the troubles of the world. Also a place where one should be able to kick back and enjoy their fruits of their labors. When I was growing up, I always admired watching my parents enjoy our home. My mother decorated the inside of the house, while my father took care of the yard and both seem to enjoy the home that they worked hard to put together. When my father would come home from work, my mother would always greet my father with a kiss and a hot meal. Back when I grew up, a home was a place where the parents relaxed after a hard day of work and where they children played. These days many homes all across the world are full of , drama, turmoil and stress. Question, Are you afraid to go home? If so do you or your significant other have what it takes to make it a home again? Write in and give your opinion on the subject.
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Anonymous said…
You really were on point when you mentioned that girlfriends are not happy for yu when you hsve a good man. I see so many women who brag about there good man to other women who only end of trying to get with them or cause confusion in the marriage. One thing I believe is that you keep women out of your house - literally. There are too many households filled with ungrateful and selfish spouses who are too blind to see that they are destroying their marriages. Many times people of blinded by the infatuation of meeting someone but not really getting to know them to see if they are able to be committed in a relationship and willing to be stand by your side when things get rough. I'm quite sure it's a miserable feeling to have to go to a house that doesn't feel like a home that's peaceful. Thanks for sharing

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