Only For Love

I know its been a while since I wrote a blog, since my son was murdered on Valentines Day, I had kind of lost my way. When you love someone so much, that are here with you one day and then in the next moment they are taken away, a lot of major adjustments to a person's life will have to be made. Along with a demanding job, that gives you time for very little else, but a good income, sometimes its hard finding that balance ,that's needed in ones life.  That's why with a lot of praying, some self evaluation and lots soul searching I began to recover some pieces of my life. Only now after two years since my Son has been gone, am I able to start living life again. I learned a lot from my Son's murder, death and burial. It taught me the true meaning of love and what its like to be without someone you love. Now I understand that pain that most parents feel after their child was taken away by a cowardly act.
It also taught me why we all must live our life to the fullest, because we are here today, only to be gone tomorrow. But the most important thing my Son's death taught me, that if you aren't in love with whatever you choose to do, when it comes to relationships or a career, then you shouldn't really be doing it at all. After all life is to precious, so is our time, so why waste it in a unloving relationship, marriage or in a career that we don't love? My advice is simple, don't get involved with nothing that doesn't touch your heart or drive your ambition and for your own sake don't marry someone you don't love. Don't stay at a job, that you don't love or hate going to and never let anything or anyone to keep you from being happy. After all its your life and you only have one life to live. That's why whatever you may choose or want to do in life, it should be, "Only For Love".  Its been a long recovery back and now I am doing something that I always truly love doing . Which is giving others advice, also a little encouragement and now a reason to write. Now I am back doing what I am supposed to be doing " Only For Love".Write in then express your thoughts on the subject.


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