Some marriages or relationships are very beautiful, special, rare, sometimes very complicated, because you never know, how they might turn out, until two completely different type of people, from different back grounds and different thought patterns are brought together to start something new. Will the marriage make it or last forever and will the  new relationship work or turn into something that may last a lifetime?No one knows until all the known or unknown ingredient's are mixed together, to form a tasteful, loving or toxic form of a marriage or relationship. Just like a bartender mixing different type blends of  liquors, to form a tasteful or nasty Cocktail. Yes sometimes, trying something new for the first time can be strange, scary, frightful or even weird, but until you try it, you may never know how truly amazing, true love can be. Its just like eating or trying a brand new dish, some food you never tried before or trying a out new Cocktail, that was especially made or prepared for you.

 Dating , starting  new relationship or a new Cocktail is truly an amazing experience, because no matter what happens from there, it is no turning back. Once you had a taste or tried it , the flavor of it stays with you for a lifetime. The good, the bad, the ugly and yes the thrill of being loved by someone new, that you never really quite experienced. Next time you are in your local bar and your bartender,  ask you what would you like to drink, tell him or her, that you don't have any ideal, then be a little adventurous and then try something new. Many people can't, won't or don't find true love, because they are afraid of stepping out there or are afraid trying something new like a Cocktail. As my mother would say when she would always introduce a new meal, "You never know Chuck, until you tried it. After all you just might like it and even if you don't ,at least you were brave enough to try something new. "Of course I had to add my own spin on it, as if he or she was a Cocktail". One interesting fact, after you had a drink with someone, had them over or out for a couple of drinks or Cocktails, its always amazing how much you could learn more from them, than you would from just one simple conversation. For some strange reason, after a couple of drinks or  Cocktails most people reveal things, about themselves that they wouldn't reveal otherwise. A good strong Cocktail is like a  truth syrup, that always reveals all or what's hidden deep inside. Now that you happen to be reading this please indulge and try a couple of Cocktails. Its on the house Cocktails for all!!! Write in and give your thoughts or views on the subject.


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