Sample Size

Of all the many things I could give my mother credit, for is that she made sure that myself, my brothers and sisters knew who or where we came from. She made sure we paid, often visits to my great grandparents, grandparents and anyone who happen to be kin or related to us. It was a family tradition to visit ,my grandmother every Sunday. Her house was the meeting place for the whole Holmes family, it was also where each of us got a chance mingle, eat good food, get to know the new and old members of the family. When my great grandmother, the queen (smile) arrived, for some strange reason, she would always call me first. She would say," Chuck, come over here and give your great grand a kiss". Have you ever had or heard of a love hate relationship? Well I had a love, very scared relationship, with my great grandmother. Not because she would harm me, because I knew that she would put her teeth into a glass of water, before she kissed me. She would take them out reach out to me and then kiss me. It really scared me, because I was so young I didn't understand how she was able to put her teeth in and out of her mouth. Crazy but I really miss my grandparents because they not only provided love, but also some needed wisdom.

 After she was done giving me a kiss very soon after that priceless words of wisdom or knowledge would come out of her mouth. She would say," Always look both ways before you cross the street, your mommy or granny didn't raise no fools, praise God daily, family is all you got, only concern yourself with what you have control of, learn to accept things as they are, life is hard but its fair and life comes in Sample Size. Yes there was many more, but these are the ones I remembered the most. Sample Size is the one saying that I just figured out in my early fifties. Which means enjoy life precious moments, the big or small victories and even those moments you may not care for, because its those things that will help shape who you may become. Life will always give you a little of this, a lot of that a sample of this and a sample of that. That's why you should learn more everyday and take what you have learned, then apply it to your own life so that you could become better a better person. I really loved my great grandmother because she would always encourage me to be great, its just to bad she was only in my life for a short time, for a Sample Size because I could really use her awesome wisdom today.

Funny thing about life sometimes it gives you things in big sizes, while other times it gives it to you in small Sample Size. When I think about what I just wrote a few things come to mind, my late great grandmother, grandmothers and grandfathers on both sides of the family.  Also my little cousin who accidentally shot and killed himself with my Uncles gun, at the age of 11 and my late son Marcus 21 who was murdered on Valentines Day. I miss them all especially my son, great grandmother and my grandmother on my mothers side because she at some point raised me for a short time. Each of my late family members help shape the man I am and still growing to be. When I think of them I am extremely grateful that I had time, even though it was short or before it was their time. I learn allot from each of them. I have leaned so much from them, and grown so much even though they were only with me for a moment or as life would have it for a Sample Size.I know if you happen to be reading this you may say, what happen to you was sad and that you are sorry for my loss. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, but I am happy to have everyone who ever touched my life even if it was for a short time or for a Sample Size.


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